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Our Work
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Electric Vehicle Charging Stations Located Next to the Town Hall


Downtown Streetscape Master Plan 

Comtu Cascade Park Expansion

Retail Strategies 

Working with other local, regional, and state groups on design and funding strategies
SOM Downtown Economic Development Committee working on these for the Woolson Block and other available space.
  • Initiated the MPG Grant to update the Downtown Master Plan last done in 1996.
  • Assisted the RPC in writing the grant.
  • Now awarded, SOM will serve on the street committee with the town, the RPC and the Chamber of Commerce.
  • Master Plan process is beginning.
  • We need community input & engagement!

Downtown Business Survey Completed

Downtown Promotional Brochure Completed

Downtown Promotion Video

Electric Vehicle Charging Stations Located Next to the Town Hall

Retail Shops

Completed with River Valley Technical Center student help.
We continue to work closely with downtown property owners to not only help them bring more retailers in but to also participate in programs that will enhance their properties and thus become more inviting to potential retailers.

Facade Improvement Project

Furman Building Springfield Mural

  • Many of the 24 building designs including Lawrence & Wheeler, King's Corner, Odd Fellows, One and Three Main Street, R.S. Carroll Insurance buildings have been completed.

  • SOM is working on a catalog of each project, before and after.
SOM raised money via a crowd-funding project for Mona Frye and her crew to make permanent on the Furman Building the Springfield chalk mural drawn during Market Madness 2013 - implemented on July 16, 2014